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Born: March 8th, 1988.
Blood Type: AB
Academic Background: Major in Chemical Engineering, Pusan National University
Associated acts: Forestella
Entertainment: Arts&Artists
Awards: 2017.11.03, the winner of JTBC ’Phantom Singer 2’ as Forestella.
2020.08.26, the Newsis 2020 Hallyu Culture Daesang – National Assembly’s Culture Sports and Tourism Committee Chairman Award.

He participated in a band in college and winning the office worker’s band ‘PITTA’.
Supporting JTBC Phantom Singer 2, the final winner with ' Forestella' with Ko Woo-rim, Bae Doo-hoon and Cho Min-kyu.
The nickname 'Genre Destroyed Vocal' is showing a solid low tone, count tenor, and rock singing.

Debut with Forestella 's 1st album < EVOLUTION > in 2018.
2019 FORESTELA 2nd Album, < MYSTIQUE >
Not only digital single release in 2020, but also various music activities such as OST, performances, broadcasting, and YouTube.

GO INSTAGRAM  > >   https://www.instagram.com/pitta.come

GO YOUTUBE  > >    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4pREczEzCTBg0_OSrcfVMA

Irreplaceable Artist
PITTA Kang Hyung ho

Like the nickname ‘Genre Destroyed Vocal,’ Kang Hyung-ho, a PITTA (seven-colored bird) who digests any kind of music with his own style.
Having an outstanding singing ability that no one can imitate, he is in charge of ‘Color’ in the crossover group ‘Forestella’, which colors music while crossing the tenor and soprano range.

In 2017, JTBC’s “Phantom Singer 2,” which showed the unexpected charm of shy Busan dialect, performed perfectly in both the original voice, falsetto, and wide range of vocal range, and “The Phantom of the Opera” created a sensation, making it the main character of NAVER TV’s 3 million views and the final winner of the group’s crossover vocal class with a member.
In December 2018, when Forestella’s first album < EVOLUTION > was nearing its end, the career that has been going on at the same time will end and start a new life as a musician in earnest.

Forestella’s second album, < MYSTIQUE >, set golden and platinum album records, has become a revolution to the crossover world’s unrivaled group, and has established his position with a number of vigorous broadcasting activities. In October 2019, he performed < MY YOUTH > with Bae Doo-hoon, a member of the same Forestella, exposing an infinite musical spectrum by showing his aspect as a rocker.

In September 2020, he established a YouTube channel under the name of his dream band ‘PITTA’, opening the prelude to his personal music activities.
People are already looking forward to not only his YouTube activities but also his upcoming solo albums with his endless attempts and efforts.